Southern Segregation: Your State! Right Now In 2014!

ImageIt’s 2014; yet, I’m suddenly mindful of the 1960’s Norman Rockwell painting in my Father-in-Law’s livingroom.  The image is painful and poignant, that of an angelically dressed 6-year old Ruby Bridges on her way to and from William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans. The  red stains caught in eternal infamy on the walls behind her with a large engraved “N”word gives testament to a little girl’s spirit of hope and trust as she is escorted by four tall courageous U.S. Marshalls shielding her small frame from the angry adult mob wanting to do her harm all because she dared to…BELIEVE

segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” – fmr. Gov. George Wallace (1963)

Eerily, over a half century ago those were the political power words of the former governor of Alabama. Moreover, they almost dismantled the civil rights movements.   Wallace also used his racial bullpen to try to impede educational progress. On June 11, 1963 he infamously stood in the campus doorway of the University of Alabama and refused to allow two black 20—year old students entry until U.S. Troops were called in. One of those students, Vivian Malone who died in 2005, was the sister-in-law of Attorney General Eric Holder. The other student was James A. Hood who died in 2013.

Amazingly, in this day and age it is being reported that the states of AL, GA, & , LA, TN are silently following the Wallace Segregation Creed by succeeding as the end of court-ordered desegregation removes legal barriers. WOW, so we only follow desegregation as long as it’s court ordered even in 2014. SMH!    Tania Nyman, a 45-year old mother of two children in the Baton Rouge elementary system had this to say:  “It’s going to devastate us. They’re not only going to take the richer white kids out of the district, they are going to take their money out of it.”  

In my opinion, it’s attitudes like Ms. Nyman’s that have to be changed. There are some wealthy minority families in our schools too–to the tune of $100 – $300 million dollars and UP!! Further, these are OUR schools, not just one race, but made up of ALL races, religions, backgrounds and so on.  It’s one deluded faction that has people thinking they have control….they don’t.  This is not the 1950s and 60s. We control our own destiny…our own futures. If a small group of Gilligan’s people want their own Island, I say let them have at it…and by all means support it with their own funding…NOT ONE FEDERAL CENT OF SUPPORT WHAT SO EVER!!!

With that said, there is an answer to this problem…just not one many people are going to like. The writing has been on the pavement for a long time. For example, at the beginning of 2013 in Alabama, Northeast Regional Medical Center (NRMC) announced its financial woes and blamed them on Medicaid and Medicare contracts.  However, by the end of the year NRMC made several real estate investments, one being that they turned around and bought Jacksonville Medical Center. Didn’t anyone wonder about that? At All?  What about all the satellite operations built and offices setup throughout the county (i.e., physician’s network setups for RMC and Stringfellow Hospital)?  Further, some of the cities have their own utility companies, new federal buildings, jails, and there is another tag office located in Alexandria–can other Calhoun residents use it? And then there’s Oxford–though located in Calhoun County—its residents on DHR Assistance use Talladega County’s DHR for food stamps, housing, TANF and other assistance. Found that out while taping a brief documentary. 

These are just a few glimpses of how counties and cities start to segregate without anyone knowing about them.  Baton Rouge says it’s about taxes, but….I’m not so sure about that.  I’ll let the readers be the judge and decide for themselves: click on the link below or copy and paste the attached URL

“Baton Rouge’s Rich Want New Town to Keep Poor Pupils Out: Taxes” 




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