Skeletons in the Closet: Oh “Dem Bones”

Some of you may recall a song titled, “Dry Bones” (Dem Bones), the melody of which was inspired by African-American author/songwriter James Weldon Johnson (1871-1931) that goes a little something like this:

♫ Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones.
Doin’ the skeleton dance.

The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone.
The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone.
The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone.
Doin’ the skeleton dance.

The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone.
The hip bone’s connected to the backbone.
The backbone’s connected to the neck bone

…and so on the song went, though, I still take my lead from Ezekiel 37, when comparing the affect of the analogy of Dem Bones to the political hog-wash on food stamps.

In an ideal world–all things being equal–perhaps, I’d be inclined to agree that it would be a good idea to see an end to programs like food stamps and other such assistance for the poor, elderly, and disabled. However, this is not an ideal world…not even close.

In the real world, agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Human Resources (DHR) serve a valid and valuable purpose. These agencies are state and federally funded entities that provide people with jobs. Therefore, if there are no people on food stamps and assistance, then it stands to reason that there would also be no need for those jobs for any of those people (executives, directors, case workers, & etc.).

Further, what about all those suppliers/contractors, and supplies (i.e., coffee & snack products, paper, pens, toiletries)? Understand, human capital is large commodity.  Furthermore, the material supplied to support these state agencies comes in by the truckloads. So, if food stamp claims are cut, then “Dem Bones” affect a great many things. For instance, there is less necessity for those 18-wheelers to roll in & up to loading docks to unload goods; which also means fewer drivers are needed. The number of warehouses are also eliminated since it’s all about supply and demand, which means fewer stock workers are needed. Imagine how much better roads will be w/o the wear & tear & less traffic!

So, according to the anti-food stamp voters I suppose one might say, the thigh bone isn’t connected to the hip bone. Nooo, “Dem Bones” are not connected Atal.   Because, in some closed minds, there is no room for equations such as the elasticity of Supply and Demand.

Obviously, I’m being facetious. To reiterate, the above agencies (HHS, DHR, and the likes) serve communities. Moreover, they provide jobs that in turn also  provide contract services to others. They cause a domino effect that is long reaching. Therefore, don’t believe the politics…it won’t pay your bills or feed your family when the pink slip comes, nor will its mouthpiece invite you to dinner (fundraisers included)–food stamps or no when you’re hungry.

Does the food stamp system need revamping? Probably. But not as urgently as some of the Buckload$ of overseas to outer-space welfare spending, or lobbyists back-scratching and pork-tabling first!

For fact checking, people can check with their state representative as well as with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and General Accounting Office (GAO) to find that social welfare programs make up about 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and fall well below the budget priority in many states.  Therefore, with that said, how about let’s leave the lower incomes alone and look at major spending issues shall we?  We could start by looking at some of the spending used by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

While the CBO  has NASA’s 2010 – 2025 budget at $4.7 billion dollars,  its 2009 report (The Budgetary Implications of NASA’s Current Plans for Space Exploration) appears to be unavailable online.  Oddly enough, however, the direness report of Social Security and Health Care Expenditures, though holding steadily at 4 percent,  is readily available for all to see with graphs and charts ascending into futuredom!


Perhaps the growth ascension in social programs by 2035 for Social Security and Health Care  is the same as NASA’s need by 2025…greater population?   Perhaps, if they–NASA that is, are contacting ‘something‘, then we–the people, that is, will need inoculations.  Moon Dust  and all that….other….stuff.   After all, at the end of 2013, the U.S. was fervently monitoring projects like the  “lonely” planet that had even Newt Gingrich vying for a first class seat into outer space.  I say, Scotty, please beam him up.

Meanwhile back on planet reality…Earth, that is, U. S. Veterans (some on Food Stamps) are keeping warm in the archways of churches in Georgia or living in Salvation Army Union Missions until 6 a.m.—-you have to get out then…rain, cold, snow…whatever.  But, Oh, how we salute thee on Veteran’s Day:)   So, reduce Food Stamps to $16…yet, political fundraiser plates go for $3000 and up just to rub elbows with the next closed door–don’t answer your phone–form letter sending politician who doesn’t give  47 cents about anyone but owns 99% of all the wealth in the world….and all without having to tell the world his/her taxes for the last 10-years!


Oh, Dem Bones!

God Bless America…may he have mercy on mankind!

For more information on this issue read:
“Food Stamp Cut Popular With Republican Voters”


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