Programming & Murder: A game for the privileged patsy (Not Patriot) ~

Husband & Wife duo, Jerad Miller (31) and Amanda Woodruff Miller (22) were Cop Killers …Murderers NOT PATRIOTS, though that’s what they were called by some.  Some, meaning those that spew out anti-everything rhetoric to twist the breaking of laws because the law is broken. It’s an insanity that repeatedly results in the loss of lives by people like the Millers  and other young(ish) cop killers like Dylann Roof  and Abdullah Brinsley (28).

In the Miller’s case, as in so many others, Jerad & Amanda Miller were unhappy with their lot in life. Even though it was a path that the twosome had chosen; yet, neither wanted to be held accountable for when they couldn’t get the things they wanted. Therefore, the Millers bonded with other tantrum-fit bangers, blaming everything (one) else for their mistakes.  Their illogical plan to kill is like using some insane logic for stealing such as: “ I stole your car, but it’s your fault for being home in bed when You should have been  more alert and hidden your keys and installed cameras and an alarm. It’s a dangerous world…you were asking for it.”

According to Forbes contributor, JJ MacNab:  “Jerad Miller had a lengthy criminal history ranging from stealing a car to dealing marijuana, and as a convicted felon, neither he nor Amanda was allowed to keep guns.  Angry at this limitation, Jerad had posted numerous anti-gun control messages and videos on Social Media.”  He and his wife also moved onto the Cliven Bundy ranch (another mess  of PATRIOTS with guns, “allegedly” threatening federal agents and the public….).

The Las Vegas Sun Provides Miller’s Criminal History in more detail:  “In 2007, Jerad Miller was in and out of jail after being charged with criminal recklessness, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. A judge eventually waived his jail time but ordered him to go to a diversion program.     ****     Two years later, Miller was charged with battery in March 2009 but a jury found him not guilty at trial.****   In 2010, Miller was arrested for three felony counts related to possession of controlled substances. The judge waived his jail time in 2011 and sentenced him to two years of probation and ordered to serve a year in a diversion program for substance abuse treatment.”

(Warning:  Strong Language)  Jerad Miller’s social media post  of June 7:  “May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it,”

For over a year, Jerad Miller’s online presence includes dozens of Facebook posts and 20 YouTube videos posted under the username USATruePatriot.   The Police Officers and civilian killed by the Millers were: The cops were dad-of-three Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, who had a newborn baby, and the heroic civilian was named as Joseph Wilcox, 31.  It’s doubtful if any of their family members, friends, co- workers, and society in general would agree with the Miller’s tagline about “sacrifice”, and representation of being a USA True Patriot.

“On June 8, 2014, Jerad Dwain Miller, 31, and his wife Amanda Woodruff Miller, 22, entered a Las Vegas pizzeria and without any provocation or warning, shot and killed two police officers sitting in a booth eating lunch.  The pair dragged the officers to the floor, took their weapons and ammunition, and draped a yellow flag over one of the bodies.  They placed a swastika-stamped manifesto on top of the flag, and pinned a note on the other officer’s body that read, “This is the start of the revolution.”

The couple continued their spree in a nearby Wal-Mart.  Jerad wore military-style clothing and body armor and he yelled to the Wal-Mart shoppers, “Tell the police the revolution has begun.”  To emphasize his announcement, he fired a round into the ceiling, while Amanda shot and killed a brave bystander who tried to stop them.  They engaged the police in a shootout for roughly fifteen minutes while hiding in a shopping aisle in the back of the store.  Amanda aimed her weapon at her husband, but he had already been hit by a bullet from a police rifle, so she turned the gun on herself and pulled the trigger while the police watched the couple through a security camera.”

Patriots?  I think not. More like deluded doped up fanatics that took the cowards way in and out— ambushing and shooting the unarmed are acts of COWARDICE.

Instead of going through classes, staying drug free, and/or obtaining a higher education/certificate in some kind of trade, the Unaccountable “Covet” what others have and blame others for having more than themselves.   The Unaccountable kill not because of a “cause” but due to being caught up in the pitiful life they caused for themselves.  In the end, they all have the same swansong, which applies here: “I fought the law and the law won.”

As a great advocate for human rights, I believe that people answer to the court of law under the guidelines of due process for guilt, innocence, and applicable punishment.  As such, We, the people,  obey laws,  and it’s the paid-by-taxpayer Sworn Oath of a job of police officers to enforce the law. Being that as it may, being a smart aleck is not against the law;  if it were there’d hardly be a person on record without an offense.  Still, when the Law states things such as illegal drugs use is prohibited (i.e., against the law)—just as was the sale of alcohol at one time—then one should obey that law. If one gets caught with illegal drugs then there’s no one to blame but one’s self  (for lack of discipline/treatment) and the drug dealer that should be behind bars.

The Millers often fantasized and dressed up like Slenderman, Joker (Jared) and Harley Quinn (Amanda)
The Millers often fantasized and dressed up like Slenderman, Joker (Jared) and Harley Quinn (Amanda) 

Young and privileged patsies who have never really experienced hard labor, war in a war-torn country, dictatorship and communisn so enforced they would be jailed for dancing, often glamorize the wearing of masks, flags, weapons, anarchy, and revolution. Their youth and energy get exploited by hatemonger groups–that while fanatical are very powerful.  People like the Millers make themselves targets by wallowing in self-made pity and then joining organizations that make them feel like they did nothing wrong in life. Soon, though, the Miller’s of the world become the fall guys and gals–excommunicated from the very organizations feeding their delusions.  After the fallout and bloodshed, they are the forgotten freaks; the Programmed Patsies. Used by organizations seeking power, or for political agendas/propaganda,  and those too tired, worn out,  physically/mentally weak, and cowardly to get their own hands dirty.

Jerad Miller Fully believes in his spport of The Cliven Bundy Ranch
Jerad Miller Fully believed in his support of The Cliven Bundy Ranch….they denied knowing him & Amanda after the Killings

Bigots, Supremacist, and Racist of the day continue to  shield themselves with American Patriotic symbolisms bent to favor their own hate-filled illogical logic—like to the loser goes the spoils(???). They hide behind podiums and microphones spouting hot air onto fuel-filled, sponge absorbing and underdeveloped minds.  Rather than direct these individual to….let’s see….something more legal and disciplined like military or public servant services, these groups recruit weak-bendable minds for their own agenda.  Well,  it’s a free country…Right???  Yeah, until someone lights a match and blows a lot of lives all to hell.   So, parents and loved ones BEWARE:  know that these Programmed Patsy makers are not doing the dying for YOUR child/young adults—only the corrupting.  You and your family will have to do the burying…all in the name of being Haters and Murders, not Patriots.  Perhaps  words like “patriot” will offer some comfort on the next  call/letter from or visitation day at  the prison….or when reading their name etched on a headstone.


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