(alleged) Nashville Theater Shooter, DOA

NASHVILLE, Tenn — Antioch theater shooter ID’d as 29-yr-old Faceless,  nameless gun shooting, hatchet wielding maniac. Witnesses inside say the shooter was armed with a gun, hatchet, and pepper spray,  the latter was discharged on at least three innocent movie goers. Also, the hatchet was used on one person.

Reportedly it was believed to be another theater shooting or attempt (copycat of Lafayette). Nashville Metro Police Officers responded to reports of shots fired at  the Carmike Hickory 8 theater,  said that the suspect was dead. The theater is located southeast of Nashville, Tennessee in Antioch.

Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson reported that a third officer confronted the suspect inside. “He saw a gun come up, he saw a trigger about to be pulled,” the chief said. [fearing for his life…?] The officer backed down, the chief said. The three officers got civilians safely out of the theater and a SWAT team was called.”

I’m sure after this angry, misunderstood being is made justifiable,  his identity will be released.  After all…he was armed and truly dangerous, and therfore so much more benevolent than the teens Kristiana Coignard (17),  Samantha Ramsey (19), Sandra Bland (28), and the countless and growing unarmed citizens.

This purported theater shooting comes about two weeks after a gunman Named John Russell “Rusty” Houser opened fire inside a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, during a screening of the film “Trainwreck.”

Police there said John Russell “Rusty” Houser  killed two people (both were women) and wounded nine others before fatally shooting himself when he couldn’t escape or “blend in” with the panicked movie goers exiting the theater.


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